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I have installed Root, but when I got to set the environment variables, I follow the instruction guide. In Bash, I input the necessary code, and echo $ROOTSYS file. It tells me the directory, but when I cd then ls, the file is not there. I don’t know if this makes sense, but any tips would be appreciated :frowning: It also seems like it doesn’t save when I set the variables because after I do it then restart ROOT and exit, there is no path.

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The $ROOTSYS environment variable defines the place where ROOT is installed. It is set by the script thisroot.sh which you need to source in order to be able to run ROOT. Usually you need to put the source command in your .profile file or equivalent. As explained here.

Specifically about:

What file? :eyes:

Helloo! So I received help from a peer, but now when I go to compile nsd-rootscripts, I cannot find the system.rootrc folder?

ls -al ${ROOTSYS}/etc
ls -al $(root-config --etcdir)

Okay, now I see the system.rootrc file. How would I open it to edit?

Almost everything in there is an ordinary text file, so that any simple editor will do.

Got it, was able to open in atom and edit! Woo hoo progress! Thank you for your help. Sorry… one more question :open_mouth: When I finally go to compile and run the test, i receive the message unknown type name ‘Detector’. Any ideas?

A “Detector” is not a class coming from ROOT.
You need to talk to the author(s) of your add-ons.

I got it! Had a line commented out that I needed. To run a file in ROOT, is there a command to do so?

I don’t know what you want to do. Maybe: ROOT Primer → ROOT Macros

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