Hi. I am ROOT newbie. I am trying to install root v.5.20 from source. After unpacking the tar.gz file i need to define my LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ROOTSYS/lib. However, such a subdirectory does not exist. Where can I download its supposed contents. Ty


You have to compile ROOT!!!

If you’re starting from source and not from a precompiled package this means that you downloaded just the ‘naked’ sources. Now you have to compile (mainly ./configure and later make, but is better if you read carefully the README and the explanation on this website) and after O(1 hour) you will find all the binary files (i.e. the root, hadd, etc executables and all the libraries in the $ROOTSYS/lib…

All details here:
root.cern.ch/drupal/content/inst … oot-source