RootMacros.cmake should also support target features for dictionary

Just add these two lines e.g. at line 667 of RootMacros.cmake to also reuse targets compile features when compiling the dictionary.

    target_compile_features(${dictionary} PRIVATE

Hi @rlalik,
could you please open a GitHub issue at with the above improvement suggestion?

I will ping the relevant people to take a look.


Can this bugfix be implement in the next release? Was reported with 6.22.02 and still exists in releases 6.22.04 and 6.22.06 and causes problems.

sorry for the high latency, this needs follow-up on our build system experts in the relevant GitHub issue: , let’s continue the discussion there.

Hi, sorry to jump in, might be this issue linked to the problems i faced importing the custom libraries into a pyROOT session since ROOT v>6.20 ?
I had to hack some stuff, and among all the RPATH settings was a global configuration i had on my CMake setup