rootlogon.C problem after upgrading 5.34 to 6.00

Hi all,

I have a problem with my rootlogon.C file. After I upgraded to ROOT v. 6.00 my histograms not filling (color, line width etc) as they do ROOT v. 5.34. Most of my settings are ok but not histograms. Does anyone have any idea?


What does you rootlogon look like?



I attached my rootlogon.C file. I’m using same file for almost 7-8 years now.

Thank you very much for your help
rootlogon.C (5.51 KB)

I am looking at it

I tried your rootlogon with some histogram and I get the attached plot.
I also simplified you rootlogon.

it now starts with:

  delete gROOT->GetStyle("BD Style");
  TStyle *bdStyle = new TStyle("BD Style", "BD Style");
  bdStyle->SetNdivisions(510, "x");
  bdStyle->SetNdivisions(510, "y");
  bdStyle->SetNdivisions(510, "z");
  bdStyle->SetAxisColor(1, "x");
  bdStyle->SetAxisColor(1, "y");
  bdStyle->SetAxisColor(1, "z")

This is really strange. Before, I was using the way you changed the file. I modified my rootlogon as you suggested. I’m getting attached file.

Thanks again!

So it is ok now ?

Sorry my bad! No, it is not ok yet.

I’m really sorry to bother you with this. It is just annoying to set color etc. by hand when rootlogon is not working properly.


Do you have a plot showing how it looked like ?

Here it is.

Seems to me it works. For instance on line 74 you have:

  bdStyle->SetHistFillColor(38); // 38

With this line I get the histograms filled will light blue. If I comment it the blue disappear.
rootlogon.C (5.08 KB)

For me it doesn’t do anything. But if I look histogram’s DrawPanel color shows up normal. It just doesn’t plot in correct color/line.


Note that the histogram you showed me is plotted with errors bars … so there is no filling. You cannot tell if line 74 in your rootlogon.C is working or not. Can you try to download the last rootlogon.C I sent. Then you try to plot an histogram as bar chart.