ROOT6 high quality predefined palettes 51->113: not rendering

_ROOT Version: 6.08
_Platform: CentOS7

I have ran ROOT5.34 in order to produce 6 pre-defined palettes.
The code runs OK, I get 6 palettes in colors as expected.

Now, I would like to see all 62 pre-defined palettes pre-coded in ROOT6,
according to online documentation available since version 6.04:

My code runs now under ROOT6.08 and finishes OK, no errors, but the pads contain no palettes, just white background ;:sunglasses:

 for (int k=0; k<62; k++) { // loop over palettes

What am I doing wrong, is there any setup necessary for pre-defined palettes?
In online documentation I see no setup necessary, and google-ing for a solution provides no hints …

Thanks in advance, Emil
P.S. Ideally - the example code with some predefined palettes in ROOT6
would be ideal prop ;:sunglasses:

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