ROOT won't display colors


Now on to my next problem… I have compiled ROOT v 5.26/00 from source on a computer running Fedora 13 and it will not display colors at all. When I do DrawColorTable, all I get back is black and white boxes. Any suggestions on how to figure out how to resolve this?


If I do c->Print(“”) on the canvas that I did DrawColorPalette on, the postscript file correctly displays the colors. So it’s something about how ROOT is drawing the colors during the session.

Can you send a small macro reproducing the problem ?

Thanks for your help. This is a very annoying problem. I just do this from an interactive session:

TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c","Fill Area colors",0,0,500,200);

Enclosed is a screenshot of what I see and the postscript output using the Print function. On the screen I see black and white, but the postscript file correctly shows colors. (12.6 KB)

Of course that’s working for me on the machines I have. So it must been connected to Fedora 13. We are now installing a Virtual machine with this operating system in order to test this. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you. I, of course, really need colors to make plots :slight_smile: Are other Fedora 13 users having this problem? Please report in!

BTW I did the ROOT configure like this:

So nothing fancy there.


Also if you give me a general starting point of where to start looking in the code, I will see if I can resolve the problem here. I want to get this fixed ASAP :slight_smile:

OK I found the problem. In .rootlogon.C I had

which I believe I did to force all canvas backgrounds to be white. I think that before I did that the backgrounds looked white on the screen, but when I printed them they were slightly gray. I got this tip somewhere on the web as a fix for that problem. Did this behavior change recently? Maybe not so recently, I think I was using ROOT v5.18 when I started doing this.

Anyway I also found this:

Sorry about the false alarm.

Sorry to not have answered you Friday, I was on holidays Friday afternoon.
When something goes wrong with one of your macro, you should try it starting root with option “-n”. If the problem disappear it means there is something wrong in your file rootlogon.C.