Root with C++11

Dear experts,

I have root version 5.32/00.
Can you please tell me how I can use the c++11 with root?
What should I do to compile…


If you mean using a C++11 macro at the ROOT prompt, then you should go to ROOT 6.

Hi expert,

I’m at cern in my cmssw framework, so I do not know if I can just upgrade root version. So I wondered if there is a command to set the necessary to work with C++11 with root version 5?


Sorry, I should add that I want to run a simple root macro with histograms…
but I want to use some C++11 new functions like std::to_string , auto…


You want to run a C++ macro containing C++11 features.
As I said, for that you need ROOT 6.

Dear Couet,

Ok, thank you for your reply.