Root Windows installers in Conda

Dear experts,

Is is possible to also provide Windows installers in conda [1] ?
I would like to use ROOT with students in my class and naturally there is a mix of operating systems they have. This would be a big help.


[1] ::

I am not sure it is a ROOT question, nevertheless let’s ask @bellenot what he thinks about it.

We are not distributing ROOT in Conda, and I don’t know who is doing it. You should maybe asking Conda people directly. I would be happy to help (or at least try to) if something is needed from our side

Looks like it is from conda-forge conda-forge documentation | conda-forge | community-driven packaging for conda.
I will try to reach out then and post here.

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I raised the issue on conda-forge [1] and apparently it was last brought up 4 years ago [2]. Namely the last relevant post was:

ROOT does have “preview” releases for Windows but last I heard it wasn’t possible to build for 64 bit Windows due to hard to fix issues in cling. That said conda-forge does have 64-bit Windows binaries for vanilla cling so I’m not sure what actually blocks it. I’ll ask.

From the ROOT team:

There is no ROOT build on Win64, which is not supported for the time being. It requires deep changes in ROOT, due to pointer to long casting (the long type is 32 bit on Win64…)

I’m going to close this for now. If someone is interested enough to try and get it working I’m happy to reopen this issue and support the effort.

Is this something that has been resolved now? It would be truly a big help if root is available through conda or other multi platform package managers.

[1] Windows installers for ROOT - conda-forge - Conda Community Forum
[2] Build for windows · Issue #95 · conda-forge/root-feedstock · GitHub

Yes, ROOT builds and is distributed on Windows x64 since quite a while…

Great!, as a ROOT developer, would you mind very briefly responding to this thread Windows installers for ROOT - #2 by wshanks - conda-forge - Conda Community Forum ?
It might be sufficient to give them the nudge to include Windows installers as well.


Done. And I also replied on Github


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