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I am wanting to draw Venn diagrams where the area of the circles/ellipses and their intersection correspond to the size of the set they encompass. I haven’t seen any implementations that do this for n > 3 so I was just going to write an implementation in ROOT. What classes should I look at to accomplish this? Like where would I be doing the rasterization or is that too low level? Is there abstractions I can use instead?

There is no Venn diagrams interface in ROOT. The best think I can suggest if to use TEllipse but that’s only the graphics of it. For the rest you will be to implement it.
May be you should look at some tool available online. I see several of them.

Hello Oliver. That’s precisely what I want to do. And then if my code is “up to snuff” maybe make a pull request. That’s why in the OP I asked where rasterization takes place. But I believe I should be able to do this with the TEllipse you
pointed me to.

I have also looked at these implementations, most being in python. However, I do not just want Venn diagrams, I want area-proportional or scaled Venn diagrams. The only implementation I have seen of these goes to 3 sets. If you have found an
implementation that does this for say 5 or 7 sets I would appreciate if you pointed me to it.

Thank you

I just did a quick look up … nothing precise.

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