ROOT v6.26 yields wrong output in EveViewer

I have used the Class member geoEveViewer::Start_Track for visualising gdml files & do some raytracing and with your help I managed to get the output I needed as you can see here:

However, I installed the last root version and now the image is distorted (shows missing elements/solids in gdml which is not true) and also the output I get is not the one I expect to have. Do I have to change anything to make this macro work properly?


  • Previously I used ROOT v6.22
  • I run ROOT in Mac Big Sur 11.6.2, with Xcode13
  • I installed the new version via Homebrew

Thank you very much!

I think @agheata may help you.

Can you attach your latest macro+gdml and snapshots of what gets wrong in the image compared to a previous version?

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