ROOT v6.26/08, pullHist shows wrong distribution

While running a macro for fitting a distribution and plotting it in RooFit I found out that ROOT v6.26/08 produces a wrong pulls distribution with respect to the same code run with ROOT 6.26/06.
You can see in the attachments the plots produced by the macro with v6.26/06 and v6.26/08.

root6.26_06_fit_total_Kpipi_2017_Down_bin00_log.pdf (43.2 KB)
root6.26_08_fit_total_Kpipi_2017_Down_bin00_log.pdf (42.8 KB)

Hi @avilla!

Thanks for reporting this. For bug reports, please open a GitHub issue:

And what you report is clearly a bug because behavior was changed unexpectedly.

When you open the issue, can you please also add some reproducer code? Or if it’s not possible to share it, at least copy-paste the part of the code in which the RooPlot is created (i.e., all the calls to plotOn).

Thank you very much!

Hi @jonas,
thanks for the tip, I created an issue which can be followed at


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