Root_v6.14.06 on Mac is very tedious the first time

Running root_v6.14.06 the first time on my Mac is VERY tedious, as each and every shared object comes up “Cannot determine developer”, and I must manually allow it to run (settings/security&privacy). There are dozens and dozens of them…

That’s needed only the first time.

_ROOT Version:root_v6.14.06
_Platform:macOS Catalina
_Compiler:binary install


Any idea on how to get rid of this warnings without going one by one when using our binaries for mac, @Axel or perhaps @couet ?

Note that ROOT 6.14/06 is very old.
If you want ROOT 6, try the head of the v6-26-00-patches branch (the “latest stable” for today).

Yes, as suggested by @Wile_E_Coyote, I would try a more recent version.

I downloaded the latest build for my macOS Catalina (10.15.7), root_v6.26.06.macos-10.15-x86_64-clang120.tar.gz, and tried to run it. I gave up after having to authorize a half-dozen shared objects due to “cannot determine developer”. So the latest binary release does not resolve this issue.

Of course when I build Root from source (root-5-34-00-patches), it runs without these many security interruptions. In order to build that particular source on my Mac, I had to:
a) change “libstdc++” to “libc++” throughout,
b) edit configure to look for the SDK in its new location,
c) create an empty include/AvailabilityMacros.h.

ROOT 6 is built with CMake, not “configure”.

Yes, ROOT 6 is built with cmake, not configure. But I downloaded the binary distribution of root_v6.26.06 and it still needed authorization for each and every library.

I built Root from source root-5-34-00-patches (v6-26-00-patches was a typo). It does not need authorization.

Maybe try to disable Gatekeeper on MacOSX:

sudo spctl --master-disable

see this

I found a solution, without disabling Gatekeeper:

cd /where/Root/is/installed
sudo spctl --add bin/* lib/*.so lib/*.dylib

But don’t do this too often or you’ll have an enormous number of rules in that database.

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