ROOT Users Guide


I’m sure this has been spotted by many people, but I thought I should point it out so the Users’ Guide can be fixed quickly and prevent further confusion:

  1. The date on the title page says “December, 2009”. That should be 2010.

  2. Something horrible has happened to the big brackets in the Linear Algebra equations on p262-3. This appears in the PDF version, but the Word version looks OK.


No, 2009 is correct. release 5.26 was in 2009. We do not update the doc number at each release.

Now fixed on the ROOT web site (in the relevant PDFs).

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the fix.

OK, so 5.26 is the ROOT version that is documented. That’s good to know.

But the date is rather confusing, isn’t it? The date on a document is usually interpreted as the date of the document, not the date of the thing it describes. If I write a book about Special Relativity, I don’t usually put 1905 on the title page.

Sorry for the pedantry, but it is useful to know whether one has the latest version of a printout or archived copy. If you really don’t want to change the date on the front, perhaps you could add a revision date.


This is the date of the root release.
Do not attached to much importance to this anyway. The root users’ guide is now in some stand by state because of the format we choose (ie Word) which makes it very difficult to modify and update. That the reason why I am doing only bug fixes in the manual right now. Do not consider that all the new features implement in a new release are documented in the users’ guide. That’s far to be the case ! Right now we are looking to move this manual into DocBook which will makes it much easier to maintain and upgrade. But that’s a big job and it will takes some times to achieve it.