Root TCanvas weird behavior in vscode WSL system

Hello everyone, I’m currently attempting to run the precompiled version of root_v6.22.00_Linux-ubuntu20-x86_64-gcc9.3 through VScode on WSL (ubuntu 20.04). It seems to be functioning correctly overall, but I’m encountering some strange behavior when opening TCanvas. I’ve attached a few screenshots illustrating the issue.

Firstly, if you observe the taskbar with options such as file, edit, view, etc., the drop-down box is opening at random positions instead of directly below the corresponding taskbar option. Additionally, the fonts appear unusually small. Also, the mouse pointer is mirrored compared to its usual orientation.

I didn’t experience these problems on my previous Ubuntu system. Is there a fix for this issue, perhaps related to Windows or something else? Thanks in advance.

@dastudillo, Thank you for sharing the thread. However, I find myself a bit confused regarding the measures that should be taken to address this issue. Could you please offer some guidance or suggestions on how to effectively tackle this problem? Thanks again.