ROOT TBrowser Window Crashing


I remotely access the CERN lxplus system form my Mac to use ROOT. I follow the same ROOT initialization process as my research collaborators, but when I open a new TBrowser after initializing ROOT the window crashes. I have the last XQuartz release and made sure x-forwarding is enabled. This is the warning outputted to the terminal regarding the TBrowser crashing:

   Warning in <TGClient::GetColorByName>: couldn't retrieve color #000000.
   Please close any other application, like netscape, that might exhaust
   the colormap and start ROOT again

I found a similar issue discussed on the ROOT documentation site with no instruction on how to fix the issue: Cannot open graph in ROOT at CERN lxplus

The following is taken from my .bashrc file that I use to initialize ROOT in my remote sessions as advised by my collaborators:

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/

alias setupATLAS=‘source /cvmfs/’

export ALRB_rootVersion=6.18.04-x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt

To initialize ROOT I do the following upon logging in (with the necessary x-forwarding enabled using the ‘-Y’ ssh option):
1) $ setupATLAS
2) $ lsetup root
3) $ root -l
4) root[0] new TBrowser()

I’m not sure how to fix the issue. I already contacted CERN IT and they said it seems to be a ROOT specific issue and sent me here. Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hi @wscherer,
and welcome to the ROOT forum!

Sorry to hear about your problem. This being a mac+graphics issue, our best bet is @couet I think.


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