Root sqrt style in latex


Attached two pictures shows how the styles of the #sqrt symbol are different in ROOT and in Latex. Is there an easy way to produce the same ROOT #sqrt symbol in Latex ? any help is appreciated. thanks.

Using the default TLatex the square root is drawn as lines. That’s why you get this not so good result.

If you need Latex look you can use TMathText:
see how to use it here:
be aware that the PDF output is not implemented and that PS are big.

You can also use:

unfortunately, this is still not clear to me. attached picture is produced with ROOT and I should keep this sqrt style. I don’t want to change it because it is our TDR style.

In my latex document, what I get in math mode is different than ROOT style. I would like to use ROOT sqrt symbol in my latex document. The question is how can I produce ROOT sqrt symbol (attached picture) in Latex math mode ?

So you would like LaTex to produce a square ROOT like same way as ROOT ?..
weird …
Anyway that’s not possible.

As I said the square root produced by TLatex is drawn with lines … and LaTeX uses a symbol … usually people want the opposite as what you ask here …

Can I find the source code to see how the lines are drawn ? In this way, maybe I can do draw it using TikZ package in Latex.

Seems to me you should not do that …

But if you insist, it is in TLatex … PaintLatex … good luck …