ROOT Reference Guide in Google PageSpeed Insights

I realize I’ve already complained (several times) about the terribly annoying slowness of the new “ROOT 6 Reference Guide” … but I now have some numbers …

For the old TH1 one gets a very “green” 98 - 100: Google PageSpeed -> ROOT 5 -> TH1

For the new TH1 one gets a very “red” 15 - 25: Google PageSpeed -> ROOT 6 -> TH1

That’s interesting. You might be the person most affected by this. :slight_smile:

To see if doxygen can be tweaked somehow, I ping @Axel and/or @couet.

Yes, I need to open these pages many times a day, every day.

Do you get different performance scores when you click the links from my first post (try each several times)?

Score is higher (52 for me) if you check the “desktop” tab rather than the “mobile” tab, but yeah, not great.
Some of it is doxygen, but there are other doxygen references that perform much better than ROOT’s.

EDIT: I realized it was not a completely fair comparison because TH1 is simply huge. So I tried with TStopwatch, and it’s pretty good. So I think doxygen does not generate pages optimized for loading speed when pages are large. I don’t know how easy it is to do something about it.

So, the returned “DESKTOP” score for the new TH1 is 39 - 46 (tried several times).

But the returned “DESKTOP” score for the old TH1 is still just 100, so this is not really a fair comparison (well, 100 is just the upper allowed limit).

The “real life pain” (Firefox on Linux) is that the old TH1 is fully rendered in around 1 second while the new TH1 needs 10 seconds (it seems to me that the majority of time is spent in “Loading + Processing + Typesetting” math).

Interesting. Maybe @couet knows what changed between the pages. If we are lucky, it’s an image that’s served from the wrong location or something like that.

Maybe someone knows any Greasemonkey user scripts which deal with / can compactify Doxygen generated web pages?

I am reading this thread now. Sorry to jump late into it I was away…
I do not see the timing you are pointing. Old TH1 looks a bit faster
but it is like 1sec for the old one and 1.5 - 2 sec the new one … at least very
far from 10 sec…