ROOT reference guide broken?


taking a look to the reference guide (e.g. ROOT: TMath Namespace Reference) many of the links to particular methods are missing (the black bold entries are without link):

This seems to be the case for various ROOT reference versions (v6.16 up to master). Older version (v6.14 and older) have the links.

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These methods have no “More…” help, or just a brief which fits just below the method signature. There is no need for and extra link which does not provide any extra information. Only the methods having extra information (long description) have an extra link giving more details. (new feature of doxygen 1.9.2)

This is a bit unfortunate, because now it is basically impossible to find the spot in the source code to look what’s going on.

E.g. for the method TMath::AreEqualRel I find the source code (link found via reference v6.14)

inline Bool_t AreEqualRel(Double_t af, Double_t bf, Double_t relPrec) {
//return kTRUE if relative difference between af and bf is less than relPrec
  return TMath::Abs(af - bf) <= 0.5 * relPrec * (TMath::Abs(af) + TMath::Abs(bf)) ||
  TMath::Abs(af - bf) < Limits<Double_t>::Min(); // handle denormals

and I think this is not exactly what I though when reading the methods name.

So if there is not further documentation (which is the case for many methods), I’d propose to insert the link directly pointing to the source code.

That’s a good point. I will check how to do that.

Fixed by this PR: [skip-ci] Set ALWAYS_DETAILED_SEC to YES by couet · Pull Request #8627 · root-project/root · GitHub

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Thanks a lot!

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