Root plot

please i need your help
i have values x,y and z when i trying to draw it as x:y:z in root always there a problem with x axis, its appear in a big distribution in meter while the command in um

I assume you are using the TTree:Draw() method.
The way you are using it (“x:y:z”) shows you are plotting some tree variables are they are stored in the tree (you are not doing any transformation). Nothing is done to the data in that case. They are simply taken as they are in the data set.

you mean “cm” ? …
how a command can be in cm ?
what do you mean by “command” ?

Your question is very unclear and cannot be answered properly.

Thanks for replay
i mean when i trying to plot x:y:z it’s not correct
for example x it’s appear 1000 always while in the data file i never have x exceed 0.001
i find solution according to your advice when you asked me does there any change in file
when i return to file i was find that i entered the number of event with x,y,and z that i used in geant4
for this when i removed it’s correct
Thannnnnnnnnnnnnnks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: