Root plot conversion


When running my root macro, I try to save the output canvas as a .eps file. However, when I open the converted file, the numbers on the y-axis have disappeared. I have tried saving in all of the formats available in root but still the y-axis numbers are lost in the conversion.
The plot is a T Graph errors if that helps.

Any ideas?? Thanks, Caroline.

Could you post the canvas.root file and indicate which version of ROOT you use?


The problem you see may correspond to this fix:
done on:
Wed Dec 6 17:05:30 2006 UTC (14 months, 1 week ago)
So as Rene said it is important for us to know which ROOT version you are using.
You said that you see the problem with all kind of output formats. Does that mean you see it also when you save the canvas as a gif file for instance ? The fix I mention in here is for PS only. So if you see it with gif also it might be something else.