ROOT on MacOS Ventura 13.0: glew

Do we still need the builtin_glew=ON ?

[I’ve moved this to a new topic; we should have closed the pinned topic, sorry!]

@matevz might know the answer!

thanks Axel,

I am trying with both with or without this option(with was suggested when running cmake) and neither of them works.

I asked the question here, maybe we could follow the solution over there

Well then let’s continue in the other thread. It’s still worth to have this confirmed by @matevz

I don’t know – I haven’t looked at that in many many years :slight_smile: Is there some problem with either of them?

I got a warning if I don’t run with this option so I guess I should do it.

With and without this option I get some errors on 13.0, so this is probably not related.

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