Root Latex symbols not showing correctly in pdf

I am creating a simple pdf image with root that contains a few latex math and characters symbols in my linux VM’s Root.
When I open the pdf output in Linux, I get the \Delta symbol wrong.
When I open the same pdf in Windows, it appears ok.
I am using TexStudio in Windows and I want include this image but the TexStudio preview is showing different symbols for \Delta and \mu.
Finally, the output pdf from TexStudio compilation in Windows has the symbols ok.

What could be the source of this problem?
Thanks in advance,
Eirini Kasimi

texstudio texstudio_output_pdf

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ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: Linux Virtual Box VM
Compiler: gcc 7.5.0

when I do:

root [0] TLatex d(.5,.5,"#Delta")
root [1] d.Draw()
root [2] c1->Print("c1.pdf");

It gives me the right Delta character when I look at the pdf file with Preview on Mac. It might be a bug in the viewer you are using.

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Could this be a problem related to fonts @couet? I am interested in this as I have had this issue before.
Looking closely, one also sees different text fonts in the Linux and Windows versions of the image.

Which fonts is ROOT using by default to create latex output and/or text output?
Are these picked up by the system’s default, and how does one check what this is?

Yes it is . But is is a viewer problem. Symbol is the font use to display the greek characters. But many greek characters are working it seems on the plots shown in the initial post. So Delta seems to have a specific problem with that viewer.

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Ok that’s understandable.

Is there perhaps a way to change the font used by ROOT TLatex or TText, in an effort to perhaps find a font compatible with all pdf viewers?

The “symbol” font is used by the PDF backend. That cannot be changed. That’s standard font all the good pdf previewer should know. If not that’s a bug in the previewer.

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