ROOT & Labview

Does anyone work with Labview & ROOT???
And knows how to build a converter for Labview that converts the data from a plot and save it to a file that could be recognized by ROOT?



The basic “objects” in labview are vectors. Seems to me the simplest way to transfer Labview vectors to ROOT would be to output them in an ASCII file you can then read in ROOT.

Hi JP,
probably this is slightly off topic.
Few years ago I had some experience with LabView.
We had setup on PC running windows and LabView.
We installed MySQL server on the same PC and saved
LabView data into MySQL db via ODBC module.
That provided remote and local access to the data.
ROOT allows to connect to MySQL via TSQL class.
After that you can retrieve data, convert it to TTree, analyze it.

Regards. Valeriy

As an example I attached a little LabVIEW VI that calls a dll and writes gaussian distributed numbers into a histogram which is then saved in a .root file.

Hope this helps

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Torsten Franke (89 KB)

well I try the example but there was a file missing … a dll file … and the code to build the dll …

Anyway thanks for the help that you give to me …

If it’s possible send me the files missing … to analize …


João Pires

Could someone post a new VI with .dll for creating ROOT file using LabVIEW2009 or C++ code I could study to create on my own?

Thank you.