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isto_energy_ntracknew.pdf (24.1 KB)

Dear All,
I want to make these points inside the histogram bold. How do I can do that ? Or how do i can change the shape like if i want to represent a point as a star or round shape ?


Try: histo->Draw("COLZ");


I did that. After that I got this plot.

Is there any method to make the points bold or change the shape ? So that the points looks more clearly visible ?

You cannot do better with such narrow bins (the colored rectangles always fill entire bin “areas”).

That’s not “points” … that’s the bins themselves filled with a solid color. Your bins a super small and they appear as “dots”… but indeed that’s boxes… Can you enlarge the bin size ? or zoom on the interesting area ?

Okay. Thank you.

Yes, the bin size can be enlarged.

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Which means less bins in the same range.

Yes, I did that. And the plots are visible nicely now.

Thank you.