ROOT help, tutorials & Reference Guide on my smartphone

The subj is disastrous:(
Do you plan to improve it?
I would recommend to adapt (somehow ) open source marvelous M$ docfx

Regards. Valeriy

Please, check this thread
Seems to be easy …

We use doxygen to create the ROOT reference guide. Are you suggesting to change that ? That’s not foreseen.

Can Doxygen produce smartphone friendly class docs?
… or is it foreseen in the future?
I liked old good vintage THtml which explorated the full power of C++ reflection.
docfx generator doing it in the same manner.
For example beside of C# it can produce docs for python programs.
Did you check the link above? The discussion about merging of Doxygen and docfx.

Regads. Valeriy

I did not check (yet) if doxygen can be smartphone friendly. We have customized a lot the doxygen generation for ROOT with a complex filters allowing to generated the code examples images on the fly, special graph showing the needed libraries for a given class, there is also extensions we added for python etc … And finally the experiments doc are also based on doxygen and they link the ROOT documentation in their documentation via the tag files provided here. So that’s not only a matter of “class docs”.