ROOT Graphical window not forwarded

Dear all.
I am running ROOT 6.09.01 that I have built on my mac (Sierra, Darwin MacBook-Pro-4.local 16.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 16.6.0: Fri Apr 14 16:21:16 PDT 2017; root:xnu-3789.60.24~6/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64) without trouble.
Now I’d like to access my mac from remote and start root with the GUI.

I am able to remotely connect and start other X11 related apps, with the proper X11 forwarding.
But when I try to open root, the graphical window is started on the server and not on the remote client from which I am connecting.
I believe that this is due to the root GUI not being recognised as a X11 window that has to be forwarded (as, in fact, now root starts not within X11 or XQuartz, but in its own window). How can I forward the ROOT window if it is not recognised as an X11 window? Any hint on how can I do that?

By default ROOT is installed with the Cocoa backend. To get the X11 remote display capabilities you need to install it with X11. The cmake flags to use are:

-Dcocoa=OFF -Dx11=ON

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