ROOT generated .EPS into MS Word


I have a very annoying problem. When I am writing in word I wish to insert my plots produced in ROOT. I am saving my plots as .EPS and then inserting them. When I do this the plot becomes slightly modified as can be seen in the attached file EPS.doc. The error is that the end of the line at x=300 is not supposed to go outside the border of the figure. It works with Open office which is seen in the attached file EPS_OO.doc (for your conveniency I’ve saved the file from Open Office in Word format). In this file the figure is perfect. Is there some setting I can use to avoid this problem? Some other file format that works better? I am using ROOT version 5.08 but as can be seen in EPS.doc I have also tried the newer version 5.18 and I see the same problem.

EPS_OO.doc (153 KB)
EPS.doc (50 KB)

I realize that not so many of you use word and therefore have not experienced this problem, but is there really nobody? Someone who has at least a theory?

To investigate your problem I need the EPS file in order to try my self to include it in word.

it is not allowed to attach eps-files to the discussion :frowning:
I would be happy to send it to your e-mail!