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Hello everyone!
I am actually attempting to realize a simulation with Gate, and observing the results. so for that, I am using root files and I need to interpret my results!

I have two questions and I wish I can have answers here :

1/Since, this is the first time using root I can not understand my histograms because there is no legend on the axis so i don’t know the units used and the details about each parameter. how can I get that information.

2/I want to have graphs instead of histograms is this possible with a macro file? in fact when including root files to contain some information i always get a histogram and I don’t think there is an option in Gate to modify the type of outputs.

thank you in advance

ROOT Primer ;

ROOT Manual → Functional parts → Histograms ;

ROOT Manual → Functional parts → Graphs ;

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Welcome to the ROOT forum

It is up to you to define the axis legends. You can do that with SetTitle.

Histograms are binned data. Unbinned data are handled with TGraph.

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