ROOT 5 Primer and tutorials

Could you, please, restore the “ROOT 5 primer” links on the “ROOT Primer -> all formats and series” web page:

Also, could you, please, restore the “ROOT 5 tutorials” in the “Documentation” web page:

or in the “Documentation -> code examples” web page:

I need to provide these links to someone who needs to learn ROOT 5 from scratch now (just to make it clear: ROOT 6 is not an option).

Hello Pepe,

I can try to find them, but I do not think the Primer version 6 is very different to the Primer version 5 …
It is a “Primer” and it exposes the bases…

Same for the tutorials. They are all here now:

And they do not differ that much from 5 to 6 except that some “non C++ code” has been fixed.

Let me know if a particular page or example in the Primer or Tutorial is "very* different.


The new “ROOT 6 Primer” does NOT cover CINT at all.
Moreover, it contains some c++11 code, so it is NOT valid for “ROOT 5” (a complete novice in c++ and ROOT will not be able to guess why something shown does not work).
We do need “ROOT 5 Primer” back.
The same is with tutorials … but here I know a trick … a direct access to (unfortunately, the pictures, which should have been displayed when looking at a particular tutorial’s source code, are not there):

If you have the source code of ROOT 5 you can go in $ROOTSYS/documentation/primer and type “make”. It will build the ROOT 5 primer for you.

If it’s that easy, maybe you could “restore” then on the official ROOT web page so that everybody can use it (well, I don’t need it for myself, I just need to provide it to another people).

Done: … nd-manuals

Many thanks (maybe change the name into “ROOT 5 Primer” as “ROOT Primer 5” suggests the 5-th revision of the Primer, not ROOT).
I guess having a “clickable” HTML version would be nice, too (I sometimes give “direct links” to chapters inside).

I am sorry but that’s all I can provide. We do not change ROOT 5 doc anymore.

The link does not work anymore. Is this still available somewhere?

You better use:

The examples shown there should also work with ROOT5. And anyway it is recommended you go to ROOT 6

I am sorry, I don’t want to sound disgruntled. But I ask in a thread that was explicitly about providing the root 5 documentation online again for that documentation.

I wouldn’t be in this thread, if the root 6 primer would be what I am looking for.

I perfectly know that root 5 is deprecated. Actually I myself added one of the last commits to root 5 to make it compile with python 3.7 again.

Please, assume that people know what they are asking for and why they are asking for it.

@MaxNoe I see a link from old webpage will it be good enough for your use case?

ROOT moved now to a new webpage where we provide tutorials and Primer only for recent versions of ROOT (ROOT5 is not tested by CI, so we can’t easily generate new docs.)

cc: @Axel

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