ROOT 5.26.00 and TGraphStruct


I tried to install ROOT 5.26.00.
A flag -DGVIZ_STATIC in TGraphStruct forces to compile with a gvContextPlugins method which is supposed to be found in gvplugin files… that I have not in my include directories. If I comment the GVIZ_STATIC block, I can finish the compilation.

  1. Is there such a flag in previous versions of ROOT? (I’ve worked with 5.18.00)
  2. Is there something I should add to ./configure --enable-unuran --enable-roofit --enable-minuit2 to avoid this flag?


I do only “./configure” on my machine and I do not see any problem.
Which error message do you get ?

  1. In root/graf2d/gviz/src/TGraphStruct.cxx l. 27
    lt_preloaded_symbols is declared as lt_symlist_t although it seems to wait a const lt_symlist_t

  2. After, still in root/graf2d/gviz/src/TGraphStruct.cxx l. 217
    #ifdef GVIZ_STATIC
    fGVC = gvContextPlugins(lt_preloaded_symbols, 0);
    fGVC = gvContext();
    It doesn’t know the gvContextPlugins method.

May be you can try configure with the flag:


gviz is not essential?
I try this now

no … only if you want to makes graphviz graphs …

Ok ok!
Thanks a lot!