Root 5.17.02 still available?

Dear all,

I am trying to modify an old code which depends on root version 5.17.02 – I didn’t find it on the root homepage anymore (also not on all versions). Does anybody know if/where it is still available?

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Have you tried to use this old code with a more recent (5.xx) version of ROOT ?
If yes, what kind of problem have you encountered ?


thanks for the fast answer!
Yes, I’ve tried that, with version 5.22 (the oldest one available on the homepage), but it didn’t work. I guess that it “almost works” though, it appears that it might only be “Math/IGenFunction.h” missing.

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This include does not sound like a ROOT include file (it does not start with "T"0 …
Can you copy/paste here the exact error messages you get ?

It is not very illuminating, I only get
Cannot open include file : ‘Math/IGenFunction.h’ : No such file or directory

When googling, I found some root codes from the same period, where it is included, e.g. … r.cxx.html

I apologize in advance, in case I made a complete blunder!

And if you try to comment this include, what happens?

There are some classes in the code which inherit from ROOT::Math::IGenFunction,
e.g. I get
"cannot convert from ‘BagModel::probaIntegrand *’ to ‘const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction *’ "

Perfect! Thank you very much, Bertrand!

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ROOT::Math::IGenFunction is now (e.g. root6 or 5-34-36) defined in Math/IFunctionfwd.h
(as the name suggests a forward definition, the actual class header is Math/IFunction.h)

Hi pseyfert,
sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the info! I guess updating the code to the current version will be best!

Thanks again,