ROOT 5.14 draws an horizontal line at y=0

Hi rooters,

I just switched from 5.08 to 5.14 and I tried to run a macro that use to run fine in 5.08 in the new version. The macro reads a TTree and puts the data in a TGraph to plot it. The macro does what it should, but for some reason, it puts a horizontal line in the TGraph at y=0, which was not the case in 5.08. Do you know how to get rid of this?

I am drawing the TGraph with the following command:

Double_t tinsec[nentries], values[nentries];
Int_t j=0;

(loop to fill the arrays with data)

TGraph *dewp = new TGraph(2*j-2,tinsec,values);
dewp->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("Time (day/month)");
dewp->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Temperature [^{o}C]");


Thanks a lot!


This is fixed. See:
->> Basic Graphics
->> TGraph