RooStats::ProfileLikelihoodCalculator is not TNamed


I have noticed that the Profile likelihood calculator class in RooStats doesn’t inherit from TNamed. This, I think, prevents me from saving it to a workspace. Is this intentional? I see that the Bayesian calculator does inherit from TNamed, and I save it to a workspace without a problem.


Hi Gena,

The idea is that all the resulting information from the RooStats calculator is contained in the result class, in this case RooStats::LikelihoodInterval or RooStats::HypoTestResult. These class derive from TNamed and can be easly written to a file or added in a workspace.

I know currently for the BayesianCalculator is slightly different, but we are planning to make more similar to the other classes.
Do you have a special need to save the calculator classes ? By having the model and the data the classes could be re-created each time without any problem