Roostats data or modelConfig not found

Hello there,

I’m having issues with RooStats in trying to compute a significance test but being fairly new to roostats i am failing to understand what i got wrong.

I have a code (starts at line 445, everything before it is just tutorials/StandardHypoTestDemo.C) that should read data and make a fit of the data (should be in .dat), then imports everything in a workspace. There are two models (mc for signal and background and mc2 for bkg only).

At the end it should perform the function test() after the execution of atlas() but i get the output “data or ModelConfig was not found” and i can’t figure out why

Thank you for your help!

Root version 6.22/02
OS WSL Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
atlas.cpp (20.7 KB)
higgs_4l.txt (1.6 KB)


I think it all goes down to the typo you have in line 501:

    w.defineSet("nuisParams2",",a1,a2"); //floating p are nuisance

There is a leading comma that should not be there. It should be:

    w.defineSet("nuisParams2","a1,a2"); //floating p are nuisance

Does it work if you fix this? For me it works then in the current ROOT development branch.

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