RooSimultaneous and extended pdfs

Dear RooFit experts:
I have a very simple question about RooCategory / RooSimultaneous, in particular i’m referring to slide 7 of: … ptools.pdf

Is it possible to use extended pdf in RooSimultaneous ?
In other words, is it possible that in the example of slide 7, both pdf_A and pdf_B are extended pdfs ?

Thanks for your support.

  • Mauro.

Hello Mauro.

I’m trying to do what you mention.

The problem I’m stuck now is the following. I’m trying to fit simultaneously two distributions. The first one with a RooAddPdf Sum (gauss+expo) and the second one with an expo. Although the fit on the expo is fine, the RooAddPdf behaves like Sum = gauss-expo, rather like gauss+expo…

So I’m still in the process trying to figure out if what you mention is doable… If someone of the experts can help…