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RooRealSumPdf inside a RooAddPdf and Generation of toys

Dear all
I am using a RooRealSumPdf with custom “fractions” definition and i enforce via RooFormulaVars that the sum of component fractions is always 1.
Doing so i can achieve a morphing of the shape scaling with negative and positive factors one of the sub-pdf of a RooRealSumPdf ensuring it still normalize to 1.

PDF_1 = frac1 * PDF1_1 + (1-frac1) * PDF1_2 + ( 1- frac1 -frac2) * PDF1_3

, and my morphing is achieved applying

frac1 --> ScaleFactor * frac1 

and when i do this i propagate

frac2 --> ( 1- ScaleFactor * frac1 ) * frac2Original
frac3 --> ( 1-  newFrac1 - newFrac2 ) 

Now this PDF morphed (PDF_1 --> PDF_1_Scaled (and another one where the same is done (PDF_1_Scaled), like this is used inside a RooAddPdf with fixed fractions assignments and passing n-1 coefficiencies :

FULL MODEL =   RooAddPdf( fracFull1[fix] , fracFull2[fix]  ,  PDF_1_Scaled , PDF_2_Scaled, OtherPDF) 

My question is if the scale factor goes negative for some reason in the scaled PDF morphed shapes,
Is this an issue when FULL_MODEL.Generate is executed?

( The question is a continuation of what i proposed as solution in RooSumPdf and RecursiveFraction with a scale factor on one of sub-components - #5 by jblomer ) with the difference that i encountered some bias in the Scale factor parameter when running toys and using RooAddPdf, since sometimes that parameter converged to 0 , the boundary. When that was left to go negative, but still using RooAddPdf i instead observed other weird behaviours.
So in practice, the use case i am doing of a negative yield is to achieve a morphing of the shape rather than actually fit its amount. Is this something safe one can achieve with RooRealSumPdf ?


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Is there anyone which can provide some feedback based on experience for toys using RooRealSumPdfs models?