RooPlot*p->SetXTitle("M, [GeV/c^2]") : no superscript made


How to produce super/sub scripts in SetXTitle(“M, [GeV/c^2]”) or its Y axis analog?
Is there way to use LaTex in RooPlot similar to what we get with TH1 ?
I need to have Greek letters in X-axis title…

Your help is appreciated.


e.g.[quote]SetXTitle(“M(#mu#mu) [GeV/c^{2}]”)[/quote]

Hi Igor,

RooPlot rendering uses a TH1 internally, so whatever works for TH1 should also work for a RooPlot.


Hello Rene,
Hello Wouter,

Sorry, with all this rush I forgot to take the things into {} …


Thank you again!