Hello experts,

I have two questions

  1. Please point me to the place where I can find ‘exactly’ what RooNLLVar does
    (RooNLLVar.cxx, which is linked from the ROOT page, doesn’t help)

  2. I want to pass a (binned) pdf and a ‘dataset’ to RooNLLVal constructor which have variable bin size…
    And I have not been able to find a robust way of ‘telling’ it that the pdf and the dataset are ‘not’ normalized to bin size, i.e. they have the ‘raw’ bin content:
    –> I construct my data which is a RooAbsData, from a histogram with about 2k entries.
    –> When I do data->sum(false) OR data->sumEntries() the result is (> 2X) more than 2k.
    So I believe roofit assumes that the initial histogram was normalized for bin size, which it was not.

Thanks in advance

Fatima Soomro