RooNDKeysPdf segfault

I’m trying to use the RooNDKeysPdf for the first time right now, but I’m running into lots of segfaults.

I’ve attached an MWE - perhaps I misunderstand how the RooNDKeysPdf is intended to be used, but in any case, I would hope for a more helpful error message than a nondescript segfault in “evaluate”.

Can anyone point me to what I’m doing wrong here? (954 Bytes)

test.txt (46 Bytes)

Hi Carsten,
I think the RooNDKeysPdf is having some problems.
However, running your code, I don’t get crashes but lots of Nan error coming from computing the pdf normalization when plotting. Which ROOT version are you using ?


Actually I could reproduce the crash, running it again.
The problem is using the WSFactory, don;t know why. Doing this seems to work:

kest = ROOT.RooNDKeysPdf("kest","kest",ROOT.RooArgSet(x,y),data)

but plotting has some issues, one probably needs more data points


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