RooMomentMorph to TH1

Dear Experts,

I am using RooMomentMorph to test the creation of histogram templates.

My question is simple: how can I save the RooMomentMorph result into a TH1 which I will then be using as input to TFractionFitter? Is there an obvious way to do this from the RooMomentMorph object? Some trick to reach the createHistogram function from RooAbsReal class…?

In general I found in the forum it is always possible to end up with a TH1 going through a RooPlot and retrieving the associated graph. However I have also failed to implement this technique.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you very much,


Sorry for the previous post, I just realized the creatHistogram function works fine on RooMomentMorph objects.

Best Regards,