RooMomentMorph memory leak?

Dear experts,

I am experiencing the problem already reported here and which went unreplied.

When using RooMomentMorph inside a for loop, every loop the memory usage of my script increases up to unacceptable levels. I checked that the script runs on constant memory when RooMomentMorph is not used. Moreover the creation of the object does not create the problem. The problem appears when calling the getVal() fuction, and disappears if the same function is called but with useHorizontalMorphing set to false.

Is there some way to manually delete the junk left by RooMomentMorph?

System: pyROOT with ROOT 6.02/05


I can see objects allocated in this class and never deleted. In order to fix this issue I would need a small example reproducing the issue. Can you please send to me or attach to the forum

Best Regards


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