I am trying to generate some toymc as shown in … udy.C.html

in line -83,

RooMCStudy* mcstudy = new RooMCStudy(model,x,Extended()) ; //in this example the nsig and bkg is generated with poisson’s distribution

mcstudy->generateAndFit(5000) ; //generating 5000 toys

Now if i want to know the INPUT nsig and INPUT nbkg, as well as the fitted nsig and nbkg, how do i get it ?

I would also like to see the pull distribution…for 5000 toys.

I see one can get pull as below
RooPlot* frame = mcs.plotPull(*nsig) ;

Is this (mean of fitted nsig - fitted nsig)/error-of-nsig ?

Thank you,

The page you are pointing to is a bit old. The Roofit Tutorials are now here: … oofit.html

Yes, thats true…but i don’t think anything has changed in this new page…i still don’t know if there is anyway, one can get the generated distribution of input parameter…for example, in this particular code “nsig” is created with poissionian distribution…
i want to see the generated distribution. What i see from RooMCStudy…one can get fitted informations (eans i can get the fitted “nsig”, its error or pull)…but not generated ones…am i wrong ?