RooMCStudy: separate generation and fitting for binned data

For binned data I try to do separate generation and fitting with RooMCStudy:

RooMCStudy* mcstudy = new RooMCStudy(tmodel,t,Binned(kTRUE),Silence(),Extended(),
			       FitOptions(Save(kTRUE),PrintEvalErrors(0))) ;
t.setBins(280) ;

mcstudy->generate(nsample,nev) ;
mcstudy->fit(nsample) ;

Of course, the program crashes on “mcstudy->fit(nsample)”, because fit(Int_t nSamples, TList& dataSetList)
requires the second parameter, TList& dataSetList.

But I cannot figure out (could not find any example googling) what to put as my “dataSetList”?

                                                                                                Cheers, Emil