RooMCStudy deprecated?

Hello, it seems to me there is some confusion around RooMCStudy and similar classes. It seems to me that there are many classes doing exactly the same things.

Now I am using RooMCStudy, but I want to parallelize it, so I have discovered the existence of RooStudyManager which needs a RooAbsStudy. Now I was beliving that RooMCStudy was a RooAbsStudy, but it is not. So I can use two new classess RooGenFitStudy or RooStats::ToyMCStudy.

Two problems:

  1. only the old RooMCStudy is documented in the RooFit manual.
  2. what is the difference between all these classes? If they are doing the same thing (with new feautures), please write that the old one is deprecated and to use the new one.