RooKeysPdf poorly approximates underlying distribution

I am trying to use RooKeysPdf to estimate the energy distribution of simulated 228Th calibration source on a germanium detector. The resulting pdf does not resemble the original data very well, in at least one way where I wonder if the algorithm is breaking down somehow or I am using RooFit incorrectly. I have attached a sample data file and .C to produce a plot. I also have a .root of the output form the .C when I run it, but I cannot upload more than 2 files to this post. I’ll try to provide it somehow if someone wants it.

Specifically, take a look at the value of RooKeysPdf around 2.615 compared to the data it is built from. The peak there is not even centered in the right place. Is this expected behavior?

Micah Buuck
University of Washington

RooKeysPdfDemo.C (1018 Bytes)
sample_data.txt (864.0 KB)

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