RooHypatia2 analytical integral need testing?

Dear RooFit experts
I was about to figure out if the RooHypatia2 function would be able to support numerical integrals, it seems like something is implemented but it is commented out in the source code. From the .h file it seems to specify that it just need testing. In the .cxx code Enable when it works.
Thus my question, what is the status there?
Has the analytical integration ever been tested? Or there are known issues on the current integration expression ?

Thanks in advance.


I think as indicated in the comments the analytical integral has not been tested enough. If you would like to use and provide us feedback, it would be nice, so we could eventually add it in the implementation

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Hi @moneta, thanks for the reply.
I guess test enough means that the current implementation is at first order possibly correct, but one has to do some proper check of it right?

I am not the author of this code, but I think that some proper checks needs to be done before using it

Alright, i try to see if the analytical integrator works in some simple cases then , commenting out the existing source code. Is there a preferred place where to report this? In this thread or some ROOT github channel?

It is probably better opening a github issue on this and doing the discussion there. Thank you if you can open it


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