RooFit vs. Minuit

Hi all,

I’m interfacing Minuit through RooFit. I was just crossreading some postings here, and I learned, there’s different flavors of Minuit in Root. People are discussing runtime differences, for example. Can someone point me to a source where the situation is summarized?

What’s the history here? Which Minuit is interfaced by RooFit? Can I change the Minuit version used by RooFit?


  • Moritz

RooFit uses the class TMinuit and there is no way currently to switch to Minuit2.



Adding an interface to TMinuit2 is no my to-do list. It is not very difficult, but it needs a little bit of time. I expect it to be available in the first half of this year.


Oh, interesting! I’m curious if it indeed will be faster by a factor of two for me!