RooFit plotting bug when plotting multiple filled PDFs using AddTo()

I’m trying to draw stacked, filled, fit output using RooFit, but the result of AddTo does not fully fill the area under the curve. The issue is described in detail here:

where @ganis kindly suggested a workaround (re-drawing the lower of the two PDFs on its own to fill in the gap).

The proposed workaround only works if you have a single PDF underneath which can be re-drawn. I’m now trying to stack three, filled, PDFs so it’s impossible to “fill in” the gap using the stack of two underneath the third.

Has this bug been investigated further? I’m using

ROOT Version: 6.16/00
Built for linuxx8664gcc on Jan 23 2019, 09:06:13
From tags/v6-16-00@v6-16-00


the progress on this is tracked here:

It’s been taken care of today, and the fix should arrive tomorrow in ROOT’s nightly version:

It would be nice if you could test with your setup.

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