rooFit plotOn Fill, odd behavior

Hi All,

I am having problems with plotting a fit. There are a number of backgrounds and I would like to plot them stacked and filled. I have done this with no problem with the same code before. However, now I wish to fit only in some range (simultansous fit), so am doing:

simPdf->fitTo(*combData, Extended(kTRUE), Range(“fitRange”));

and plotting with:

simPdf->plotOn(frame,Slice(*sample, “signal” ),ProjWData(*sample,*combData),
Components( “signal” ),
LineColor( kCyan ), DrawOption(“F”),FillColor(kCyan), Range(“MB”));

This causes a weird plotting effect whereby the polgon that rooFit makes is coloured in the wrong parts. It looks like a line is drawn between each end of the pdf and one side is colored. This is easily seen in the attached plot, where the exponential combinatoric slope is white, but the ‘other side’ of it is the dark cyan it is plotted with. The same effect is seen in the other, more complex, backgrounds.

Incidentally, the fit appears to be working, and plotting using lines rather than the fill looks sensible.

Am I just missing an option?

Kind regards,
rooplot.pdf (20.3 KB)

I solved it…

Using NormRange rather than Range cleared all problems up.



I’m having the same problem but using NormRange() doesn’t solve it.
Does someone have any more insight on what could be going on?