RooFit import histogram plot

Hello I am starting to use RooFit, 1-st step to use histograms.
And here I see problems for histograms withnon-uniform bin width. Please see the code and file with data to read.
At the picture: function from RooFit using input data,
RooFit histgram, and original data.= - last hist.
RooFit hist do not show any values below 1.0 !
and for RooFit hist I cannot set log scale for Y.
Where is the problem ?t_gr-data.txt (11.3 KB)

t_gr.C (18.2 KB)

thank you,

Maybe @moneta can help you once back from vacation

Hi Vladimir,
Can you please explain better what is the problem and how I can reproduce it with the program you have posted ?



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